I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience. I have uploaded several projects/Library with source code on CodePlex to share my programming experience, which I grouped all the useful function that I use into a library
ShareChiWaiLib is the library[dll] which I collect the code which I used when I develop application/website. Instead of writing the same code on every project, I built it as a dll, so that we [as a developer] can reuse it in future. Lets make it better =)
SSIS WCF Services
This project contains a simple WCF service which allow user to deploy to a machine that has SSIS services installed and execute SSIS package via web services. So that we can build a application which make a web service call to execute SSIS package by passing the package Info.
.Net Crystal Report Helper
This project is used to share the crystal report helper I have implement for my work use. I think it would be useful for others who are doing similar stuff
Crystal Report WCF Services
This project is a mini WCF web services i built which allow web-server which does not have Crystal report server installed to generate crystal report via WCF.