Where Event Log files store on Windows - Event Log 檔案在那裡

最近用了Windows Defender 的 offline mode 來 scan 電腦睇下有無中毒&hell

Cannot open CHM file in Windows XP/Vista- Navigation to the Webpage has been cancelled.

When I try to open CHM file on Windows XP or Windows Vista, it always display a message “Navigation to the Webpage has been canceled.”. Finally I have worked out how to resolve this problem.

Remote Desktop in WinXP Home Edition

I was trying to use “Remote Desktop Connection” to connect to work place via VPN, because it is a lot quicker/smoother then using VNC client. Unfortunately, I cannot find the program under “Start” -> “All Program” -> “Accessories” from my WinXP Home edition laptop.

Windows Server 2008 and Windows VIsta Service Pack 2 Download

Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista Service Pack 2 is now avaliable. For more information please visit the URL below: