TSQL Get Number of Decimal Place (on a field)

Today I need to do a query to get all the record which has 3 decimal places on one of the field and process them by using different method.

I am wondering if there any default TSQL function that I can use, so that it can save my time. Unfortunately, I could not find one, so that I decided to write my own function.

Here it is the TSQL code that I used to retrieve the number of decimal place of a field.

–Example input value
SET @DecimalValue = 12.34567
–Declare a variable to store the result
DECLARE @NoOfDecimalPlace INT

SET @NoOfDecimalPlace = CHARINDEX(';', REVERSE(CAST(@DecimalValue AS VARCHAR(30)))) -1

–Return Number of decimal Place
SELECT @NoOfDecimalPlace

Here it is my User Define Function for get number of decimal place of a number field.

You can execute it by using the following SQL code

``` SELECT dbo. Get_NoOfDecimalPlace(0.123)

CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[Get_NoOfDecimalPlace] (

@ValueToProcess FLOAT=0 ) RETURNS INT AS BEGIN — Declare the return variable here

DECLARE @NoOfDecimalPlace INT SET @NoOfDecimalPlace = CHARINDEX(‘.’, REVERSE(CAST(@ValueToProcess AS VARCHAR(30)))) -1

RETURN @NoOfDecimalPlace END

  Hope you found it useful.
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