Jquery's Notes

I am learning JQuery at the moment, and going to note down the error/mistake which I made while I am experimenting it. Hope you would find it useful if you encounter the same issue, while you are using JQuery. Please correct me if my concept is

wrong or you have a better solution.

Why learn JQuery? It is a JavaScript library/API/Frameworks allow you to develop website rapidly with nice feature that can work Cross-

browser, CSS3 Compliant and Lightweight Footprint, you can found lots of plugin on-line which can save you a lot of time to

develop you own method for some common feature.

Here it is the official site for JQuery, where you can find JQuery to download download/tutorials/documentation and get the latest

information about it. jquery.com

One thing that I would like to remind myself from this notes is. All the even/action E.g. Blur, Onchange…etc should register on ready event. Of course, the most important thing is to reference the jquery.js between the HTML header tag. E.g.

//Register on ready event
$(document).ready(function() {

Jquery Notes

The example above will display an alert box when we change the focus on txt_Text input control.

Happy coding.

Chi Yau
Chi Yau
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