How to run reactjs in different port

最近用了NodeJs Express 來做 Web App 的 Backend 用左 port 3000
create-react-app 既 default port 又係 3000
怎樣可以改變create-react-app 既 port 呢

解決方法: 十分簡單… 我們只需要在 package.json 上既 scripts section
start 上加上 set PORT=[PORT_YOU_WANTED] 便可

 "scripts": {
    "start": "set PORT=9000 && react-scripts start",
    "build": "react-scripts build",
    "test": "react-scripts test",
    "eject": "react-scripts eject",
    "lint": "eslint . --ext .js --ext .jsx --ignore-path .gitignore --cache"

Hope you find it useful

Chi Yau
Chi Yau
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