Docker daemon conflict unable to remove repository reference (must force)

玩Docker 時嘗試docker compose up 時佢又唔識用update 左既 config
所以諗住 remove 左個 image 去再build 過..
docker image rm vite-reactjs-nodejs-app

Error response from daemon: conflict: unable to remove repository reference "vite-reactjs-nodejs-app" (must force) - container c6b836b25910 is using its referenced image ec13f6a9159a


只需要 stop 左個 container. 之後 remove 埋佢…
便可以執行docker image rm [container name] 這個command 了

如果想睇下電腦上有那些 containers 可以執行這個command
docker container ls

如果想睇下電腦上有那些 images 可以執行這個command
docker image ls

Hope you find it useful

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