BackLink Checker in Silverlight

My second Silverlight application: BackLink Checker Beta 1.

You can use this application to check if other people has link o your website. It would be quite interesting to know if people are interest on you website, they properly will place a link on their site and recommend it to others. Of course, on the other hand if people think your website is crap, they could also place a link no their site and say..[Not to visit your website …etc.].

Here it is some criteria on this BackLink checker.

  1. You should enter full URL of your website (with HTTP/HTTPS)
  2. If you put a URL which contain specific page. Then the BackLink checker will only search for the back link for that particular page.
  3. It has 2 setting for you to specific the result.
  • Whole site check box: Specifies whether to provide results for the entire site, or just the page referenced by the query
  • Omit link drop down: If specified, link will not be returned if they are from pages in the same Domain/Sub-domain as the requested page.

This BackLink Checker only return the links which is indexed by Yahoo, therefore it may not reflect the actually popularity of your website. Hope this can be improve on Beta 2. = )

Hope you find it useful.

Chi Yau
Chi Yau
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